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These were FANTASTIC!! I did as French Tart and made 1/3 the recipe, but otherwise I followed the ingredients and method as stated. The only thing I wasn't sure of was when to add the Sazon Goya, since it didn't mention it in the method, so I just added it when I put in the peppers and cumin. I bought enough of the ingredients for the full recipe, not checking the number of servings before when going shopping, so I think I'll have to make these again sometime very soon!

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Scarlett516 July 07, 2008

This was one of the nicest enchiladas recipes I have ever made Emmie! I had to alter the the quantities as there was only two of us to share this - so I cut everything by two thirds......and as I don't use condensed soups, I made up two packet soups instead. I used flour tortillas as suggested - 2 each and also used some grated cheddar cheese and some velveeta cheese. The creamy flavours were delicious - I have NO idea what sazon goya is - so that was not used - and as my soup mixes were low salt, the sodium levels were fine for us. A very tasty and easy dish -one that would be great for a crowd of friends.......so, this will be made again to full quantities! Made for Zingo and ZWT4 - thanks Emmy darlink! FT:-)

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French Tart July 06, 2008

These enchiladas are were very nice tasting, but I knew the amount of sodium would be a bit too much for me, so right off I omitted the additional salt & cut the amount of sazon goya in half! Also made just half a recipe & used shredded chicken breast that I had in the freezer! Certainly a recipe I'll keep around! [Made & reviewed in the Family Picks part of Zaar World Tour 4]

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Sydney Mike July 06, 2008

These could have been great but for me the saltiness was so much I could barely eat them. DH liked them, because since having radiation for throat cancer - salty things taste really good to him, but he used to have high blood pressure and shouldn't have too much. I made a half recipe and tried to lower the sodium by using the healthier cream of mushroom soup - I skipped the chicken soup because of halving. I was out of green chilis so subbed a chopped up chipotle chili. I think maybe it was the sazon goya that was so salty, I will try this again and leave it out. I missed the part of the recipe where it said to save a cup of the sauce for the top and it all went into the tortillas before I realized what I had done. I still had a little bit of the the soup left in the can so I smeared that on top and then topped it with cheddar cheese. Thank you Emily for sharing your recipe, I will make this again but continue to figure out how to cut the sodium. Reviewed by a Chic Chef for ZWT 4 Zingo

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momaphet July 05, 2008

These are great. WE loved this! I really needed something quick to put together and I really wanted it to be comforting. The only changes I made were halving the recipe, so for that change I did decrease the soup mixture using 1/2 can instead of full one. (I need these for another recipe later so it worked out perfectly.) I had the chicken already previously cooked as well. So basically after browning the onion, adding seasonings, garlic, and finally added the cheese and chicken. Warmed this up nicely. I added the chicken to the tortilla in the casserole dish, and adding topping sauce and cheese. I also added some fresh tomatoes to the top to roast along with and on top of the enchiladas. I really will be making this a lot, just terrific with none left over. Thanks, Emily! Made for *ZWT4* June 2008.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm July 02, 2008
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas