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Awesome. I made a huge batch because the zucchini I had was the size of a billy-club. Upped all the spices - and at the last moment found out that I was out of basil. So I used oregano, and it is very tasty. This is the perfect thing for me tonight, by stomach is a little upset and this is so comforting!

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Carianne June 15, 2009

Rich and creamy and easy to make. My guests raved and asked for the recipe! I couldn't find cayenne pepper so used Tabasco sauce instead.

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Anglo Mama in Israel July 22, 2007

Very country European tasting soup. I garnished with chives. Pureed all the potatos. Didn't have cayenne so used a pinch of red chile crushed flakes, instead. That final pinch of salt made this a 5 star (I began rating as a 4 star before that pinch)Delicious with a bit of very plain quinoa on the side or as a garnish. Basil would have also made a fine garnish. I would have loved for the flavors to have "popped" a bit more. Maybe I will tinker a bit with the spices for that. Also I used a sweet paprika instead of a regular paprika and I think that is why it is missing something. Used my immersion blender for the first time with this soup, so there was no need to reheat. Just pureed right in the pot after the heat was turned off and added the cream. Should also note that I reserved a portion of the pureed soup for a guest who does not eat dairy. I am assuming she will enjoy it as well (tasted fine to me without the cream, just not as smooth and rich) Would be great with the Lion House roll recipe that can be found on the Zaar.

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Food Snob in Israel June 29, 2007

Easy to prepare...loved the small zip of cayenne...definitely a keeper.Thanks for being my PAC Fall 06 kid,Sarge!

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Lorrie in Montreal September 23, 2006

Very tasty soup that combines spicyness and creaminess really well! I used 1/4 ts of cayenne and got just the right amount of heat. Also made a lower fat version by using only 1 ts of butter and cooking cream with a fat content of 5% (it has the same consistency as regular cream, though). Mm-mm! I do wish the amounts of potatoes and zucchini included approximate weights as well, just to give a guideline as these ingredients come in a wild variety of sizes! I used about 250 g potatoes (and forgot to take out the 100 g in cubes, so all of that got pureed!) and 350 g zucchini, and I think I might use a bit more next time to get a thicker soup - this time my soup was a bit runny! Still, it tasted lovely and will certainly get made again. Thanks for a great recipe, Anke!

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stormylee March 09, 2005
Creamy Cajun Zucchini and Potato Soup