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FANTABULOUS!!!! This dish was sooooo good I have to give a play-by-play. I added 1 lb of halfed whole white button mushrooms. For the sundried tomatoe I went to my freezer and grabbed a few of Mirj's "Oven-dried tomatoes" (which I have freezer bags full of) instead. The only other thing that I used that was a first for me was the cajun seasoning. Ironically, I had just purchased Pampered Chef's Cajun Seasoning. I doubt this had anything to do with it, but I have never used a pre-mixed cajun seasoning before. I layed a bed of pasta on a platter and poured the sauce over it all and served it "family style." We could have NEVER guessed what we were about to experience. Honestly, with the exception of a straight-out alfredo, this is the best pasta sauce I have ever had. The flavors just dance around in your mouth, not too overpowering, but they let you know they are there. The entire meal my husband and I were scheming up different ways to make this recipe and we both agreed that we would like to try it with shrimp and also do just a veggie-version with lots of mushrooms, yellow/red/orange peppers, etc. We are no food critics...but to us...this dish IS restaurant quality and is earning a spot in the front of the pasta section of my cookbook!!! Thanks, Lorac, for this OUTSTANDING recipe!

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Shae October 06, 2002

Scrumpdillyumptious!!! We love alfredo but this spicier version was so good, our eyes were rolling in the back of our heads. I made no addtions or substitutions and your recipe as written is perfect for our tastes. The sauce was so rich and creamy. I agree with Shae, that we might try it with shrimp next time. Thanks Lorac, for a true delight.

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ratherbeswimmin' October 11, 2002

This deserves 10 stars!!I just couldnt keep my hands outta the pot!This was soo creamty and the taste was outta this world:)Dinner was not only outragesouly good but it it was outragesouly easy to make!!Something so easy and tasty will definatly be seen on my table several times a month!!!I pretty much stuck to your recipe, I did add about a tablespoon or so of flour to the browned chicken and butter and I used about a cup of heavy whipping cream and a 1/2 cup milk.Like I said before outrageous!!!Thanks for sharing!!

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crawfish pie January 28, 2003

First of all...THANK YOU! My lovable but slightly spoiled boyfriend deemed this "a dish his mother would be jealous of", something I am fairly certain he has never said before. I made this twice in the past two weeks, the last time for boyfriend and several friends, one of whom went back for seconds and thirds :) I read quite a few reviews and wound up combining a lot of the suggestions. While the chicken was cooking in the butter, I sauteed chopped red onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, chopped garlic, basil, salt and pepper. I can't imagine making it without the bell pepper. After adding the half and half, as opposed to heavy whipping cream, I added flour to thicken up the sauce, after stirring until all the flour dissolved, I added in the veggies and allowed it to simmer for a few minutes. While it was simmering I sliced two handfuls of cherry tomatoes in half and tossed them in as well, they were a nice relief from the spicy chicken. Once again thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!

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Aun Aprendo November 10, 2010

I made this recipe exactly as posted only I doubled everything (I used 3 cups of cream). Quick, easy, with wonderful, spicy flavor. This could be served with no hesitation to guests. Next time, I will use only 2 cups of cream while doubling all the other ingredients. All my family loved it. Can't wait to make it again.

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AngelicFantasia February 20, 2003

Excellent. Nice combination of flavors. I had just enough left over for my lunch the next day, added a bit of milk and microwaved it. The flavors had melded totally and it was even better then, if possible.

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Lacey in MI November 22, 2002

Wonderful combination of spicy chicken and creamy sauce. I made it as written; simply divine!

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Boxerwing November 16, 2002

So delicious!!! Looking through other reviews, I changed it up a bit for personal preferences. I used about 1.5 cups half and half instead of heavy whipping cream, spinach linguine, added green and red bell peppers, used about a quarter of a regular onion instead of green onion, and doubled the cajun seasoning. The half and half made it a bit thin, but instead of adding flour or cornstarch I reduced it on low heat for about 20 minutes until it was thicker and coated nicely. I found that this concentrated the flavors a lot too and really brought everything together. I topped it off with some diced roma tomatoes to help take some of the kick off. The SO said it was the best thing I had ever made for him!!! Will definitely be making this again. Thank you Lorac!

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Beanie06 March 29, 2011

Lorac, I just made this recipe last night for my family. Ooohhh, this was very good! The seasonings were perfect and the smell of it cooking sent everyone into the kitchen to get a taste. All the kids liked it, even the two year old. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

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Ridgely November 04, 2002

I made this as a side dish - left out the chicken and added the creole seasoning to the onion saute. What a wonderful pasta this made. My husband ate til he was miserable. Thanks for posting.

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Bogey'sMom January 15, 2003
Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta