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Having an untold number of pint jars of home canned beets I settled on a quick and easy soup, hoping to make room for this fall's harvest. I managed to use 3 pints, so that's a start! The recipe calls for 2 cans commercially prepared, but you can easily use a little more if you like. Vegetable broth substitutes well for the chicken broth. Using my Ninja cut down on cooking time a great deal, and the end result pureed in the blender. I wasn't sure about the dill............so I sprinkled a little bit on a spot and tasted it. Not bad, so I added more to the bowl and it was really good! Fresh ground sea salt, pepper and my preference is sour cream. Makes a boat load, and I bet this would be good with a crouton. Thinking about slicing some swiss chard thin and adding it to the cooled soup. That's another thing, this makes an excellent COLD soup too.

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Nina's Mom August 29, 2014
Creamy Beet Soup