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A recipe which is lovely in its simplicity. I cannot understand why no-one has made this before. I divided the recipe precisely in half except I used 2 eggs (we're only two people). Use young green asparagus for this, or canned green asparagus spears. My one little objection is that the end result was very soft ... if using the whole recipe (for 6 ramekins) I'd use 4 eggs and not 3. I probably used more than a "dash" of nutmeg, because nutmeg is perfect with most green veggies. The "souffles" tasted soft and creamy, and is the perfect side dish for fish, where most green vegetables do not quite fit in. Next time I might try using finely grated Parmesan, or even a bit of flour, to firm up the souffles. Oh yes -- the baking time is too short. Watch them -- but I used my element-plus-fan setting, and they needed about 30 minutes to set. (They cracked a little on top, but I wanted to turn them out, so that did not bother me). Thanks -- this is the kind of simple, quick dish which is popular right now.

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Zurie December 06, 2013
Creamy Asparagus "souffle"