Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

Yum yum! easy to make in seconds! I have 7 younger siblings and they love it! has been corrected.


  1. Basically, just toss it in a blender and wirl it.
  2. Nothing to it!
  3. If you like, add a sweetener.
Most Helpful

This is a creamy delicious creamsicle smoothie. I made it with and without the banana. With and without the banana the beverage is a hit! Thanks for posting! Made for the Bargain Basement tag game.

AcadiaTwo February 02, 2009

I did not like this recipe as much as I thought I would. There is not enough as an orange flavor, and the vanilla and banana flavors are overpowering. I usually love creamsicle drinks, but this one was not very good. The only benefit that I found was that it is pretty healthy, so it's diet friendly. However, the serving is pretty small.

CrunkFrack July 28, 2006