Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

My mom's recipe

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  1. Make a white sauce.
  2. Add tuna and peas.
  3. Heat until tuna and peas are warm.
  4. Serve on toast.
  5. My kids liked it on the thin egg noodles.
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Yum! Today I was wondering if there was such a thing as creamed tuna on toast. So I did a search and this is the recipe I decided to go with. The addition of the peas is what sold this recipe to me. All the kids loved it and asked if I'd make it again. I used about a cup of frozen peas. Everything was added into the pan right away and as it was heated it began to thicken very nicely. I did need to add a little water to thin it down just a bit. Made for *Zaar Cookbooks Tag 2008* Game

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hey I remember this!! just forgot about it and how to make mom made this for us too as a "treat" when I was young..decades ago...soI'm making it tomorrow (the 2nd)as today there is too much left over party stuff to wade through..thank you