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This was delicious. I liked the addition of tomato paste that gave the better color and taste.
Allspice is the key to this recipe.
To the topping I used greeen onion, roasted pumpin seeds and fresh cilantro,
Thanks a lot for this great recipe

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awalde October 20, 2011

Everyone loved this! I initially started to make potato soup, so had already added a chopped a shallot, a stalk of celery and about 4 minced garlic cloves to chicken broth along with the diced red potatoes. As that simmered I discovered this recipe. So I proceeded, using a immersible blender to puree the veggies and then stirred in a 20 oz. can of pumpkin puree along with the rest of the recipe ingredients. Served with blackened mahi sandwiches. Very filling and flavorful! Definite make-again.

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therese-johnson March 05, 2016

A very lovely soup, I had to make little changes because Little Miss (DD) is lactose intolerant and I just ran out of lactose free milk so I left out the milk and sour cream. However this didn't take away how delicious this soup was, we really enjoy the thickness and the flavours all combined well together. Thank you very much Janette's kitchen for your post

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Chef floWer July 24, 2007
Creamed Potato and Pumpkin Soup