Creamed Leeks

Total Time
15 mins
20 mins

I found this recipe on an old newspaper archive from Portsmouth, NH. I am posting it for a menu for Australia Day/Waitangi Day.

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  1. Slice 4 large leeks into 1/4 inch rounds(white part only).
  2. Saute leeks in 2 tablespoons butter in a until wilted.
  3. Add a cup of chicken broth and boil liquid down by half.
  4. Add cream, salt, and pepper and reduce until thick and perfect.
  5. Add a dash of cayenne and a few drops of lemon juice.
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I made this as a side tonight with turkey meatballs, and ended up simmering the meatballs in the creamed leeks before serving over angel hair with roasted garlic brussel sprouts ... so, so good. Thanks for sharing!

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So simple and sooo delicious! Made on a whim to go with grilled salmon, only because leeks looked good at the store. The measurements are VERY forgiving, I'd say. I used 2 leeks instead of 4 and totally estimated the rest of the ingredients - just pouring cream in, grinding salt and pepper, sitting outside with wine while it cooked, etc. As I came in to taste test, it just got better and better. I just posted the recipe on FB! It's simply wonderful!

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Love this recipe. Replaced trout meuniere sauce with the creamed leeks, fabulous!