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Terrific bread. I added an extra tsp of cinnamon and some vital wheat gluten, used half each raisins and chopped dates, and found that nonfat half & half was a good substitute for cream or evaporated milk. This has a good texture and nice density. I wanted it to be ready for morning breakfast, so I prepared it last night using the dough setting on my bread machine. After the first rise I shaped it into my loaf pan, covered it loosely with plastic wrap, and let it rise again in the refrigerator overnight. That seemed to work well, but this strategy requires that you let the loaf come to room temperature before baking it. Apparently it takes longer than an hour for that to occur because mine was still a bit cool by that time. However, I couldn't wait to bake it (yum!), so my baking time was longer than it would've been otherwise. I covered the loaf with foil midway through to prevent overbrowning. Thanks for posting this recipe-- I'll make this one again for sure.

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Heather U. September 01, 2004

This was a very rich bread! To be enjoyed in moderation, for sure. This is a recipe I would definitely make again, but only when I have plenty of other folks to share it with. A little of this bread goes a long way, and much of ours ended up going stale before we could finish it all.

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Heaven's Kitchen March 14, 2009

This bread sounds wonderful but I do not have bread machine and would like to make standard way but not sure how. Any suggestions?? Renee Chef 658226 Thank you

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kellie_59 October 01, 2008

Yummy! This is so good! I used the evaporated milk as opposed to whipping cream and also left out the nuts. It was very good and so easy to throw together! I will be making this often. Thanks for posting, Capncrunch!

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~cbw~ March 11, 2004
Creamed Cinnamon Raisin Nut Bread(ABM)