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This recipe was made on January 4th., and I'm sorry it wasn't rated until now.After reading some of the other reviews, I decided to rinse off the salty beef in a lot of warm water.And except for using a 2.25 ounce jar of dried beef the recipe was made almost as it was written, the salt was left out. While preparing this, it reminded me of the many times we ate it growing up. I served it just the way my Mom did, over buttered toast. It tasted just as good as it did then. Thank you so much for posting a wonderful memory from my childhood. I WILL make it again. " Keep Smiling :) "

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Chef shapeweaver � January 07, 2013

This was so good, I'm typing this as I'm eating it... Creamed Chipped Beef was a bit of a staple in my small Baltimore neighborhood when I was a child and my Great Grand-mom's was the best. You would think that with such little ingredients, it would all taste the same but it never did until I found this recipe. I used Esskay (Baltimore, MD) dried beef just like my Grand-mom did and it taste identical. The only thing I would change next time is to not use additional salt which is odd for me because I LOVE salty things but the dried beef added enough salt to taste.

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brucey_bruce December 14, 2014

Made this with some slight modifications!<br/>I cooked a whole (diced) vidalia onion in 2tbsp of butter before proceeding with the recipe as written (the 2tbsp was extra); just before the beef step, I added 1/2c of frozen spinach and heated through.<br/>Mine never really "boiled," though it did pop a few thick bubbles once or twice. I added 1/2c of milk at the very end and stirred until it blended, because mine came out like paste before that.<br/>Served over Pillsbury biscuits with runny fried eggs on top. Delicious!

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Dazfox December 04, 2014

I add some sauté'd diced onions and a couple of slices of Cooper sharp cheese :-)

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Robert H. December 09, 2013

This recipe is great! The best cream chipped beef I've had since mom's!

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ZANE D. November 18, 2013

My mother use to make this in the late 40's and early 50's. We all loved it. Sometimes mom would add sliced hard-cooked eggs to the gravy along witrh the beef. The CCB really filled up our little bellys when times were tough. Great recipe.

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Wingslady July 09, 2013

This recipe has been around forever. Ladies used to feed their large families by making a big batch of chip beef gravy. I don't know of anyone who doesn't enjoy it. Because we don't rinse the beef, there is no need to add salt, but we do use plenty of black pepper. In our neck of the woods, it's usually served on biscuits or salt rising bread. Thanks for sharing this with others.

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Mountainbaby January 08, 2013

Talk about memories, my Dad was in the Navy in WWII and when he returned home Mom would always make this for him, it also helped that it was cheap and good when raising 5 daughters, so we had it often over toast - When I saw this I ran out and bought a jar of the beef to make at home for DH (though he insisted it be over biscuits) so I used Light and Tasty Biscuits the only thing I did differant is not add salt as another reviewer said - it's plenty salty as is. Thanks so much for the memories and a lovely breakfast.

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Bonnie G #2 August 18, 2011

I hand wrote out this recipe and took it and a jar of dried beef to my SO's house to make this because he likes the frozen store bought version and I don't. This morning I whipped out the handwritten recipe and did fine until I got to the part where you add milk. I failed to write down how much milk, so I added 1 1/2 cups and proceeded. SO does not have internet so I couldn't confirm the correct amount of milk. I wanted to take a picture, so I plated a small portion over toast and we both had a sample of the recipe. (recipe was cooked for his later enjoyment) His pickiness stated that he liked it better than the store version because it was thicker. I liked it because it tasted so much better than the store bought. Also I did not add salt to the recipe and it was salty enough for me (I am a salt-a-holic) Long story short, we loved this and thank you getoutofmygalley for posting

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sloe cooker May 23, 2011

I did not actually make this recipe but I know it well. All through my childhood my Mother would make this but she would use a drained can of tuna instead of the beef. Dad was in WWII and SOS and fruit cocktail were two things he would not eat. He said that he'd had enough to last him a lifetime! It's one of my favorite comfort foods. Both my kids request it when they visit. Thanks for posting this easy but wonderful recipe.

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Paka March 26, 2011
Creamed Chipped Beef