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We liked this and...everyone ate it - now that says something. However, I did make a few minor changes. I just made cornbread because I was in a hurry. I'm sure the rings would be pretty and tasty. I didn't add tarragon, as we don't care for it. Didn't add the pimentos as I didn't have any and I'm sure the kids would have balked. Did use lots of salt, pepper, a bit of white wine and a bit of lemon juice. I think you could safely add the liquid from the can of mushrooms and even a whole 14 oz can of chicken broth if you wanted too. Loved the mushrooms in it. Kids reluctantly ate the peas in it without too much fuss. Recently learned to can my own chicken and this sauce lends itself beautifully to that. For us, I think this would feed 6 people. Thanks for a nice change of pace from the pasta, rice and potato.

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charlie #5 December 09, 2008

This is very good. I like the flavor that the Tarragon gives it. It is nice and creamy. I didn't add any wine or peas to it. I made "pancakes" with the cornbread batter. I don't have egg rings and it was too hot to turn my oven on. I poured the creamed mixture over the cornbread pancakes. It was a good combination. Made as a thank you for Camera-Less Chef '07

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AuntWoofieWoof August 29, 2007
Creamed Chicken over Cornmeal Rings