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People, I was once like you, sitting on the couch dreaming of a recipe worthy of leaving my comfort zone designed for a king. But then, like Christopher Columbus, I discovered a New World! That's right, a New Freakin' World! That World was none other than this Chicken 'n Biscuits recipe that is the Sea Biscuit of recipes. All jokes aside, every time I eat this meal sent by the gods, I get a little aroused, a foodgasm if you will. Enjoy peeps, may the chicken be with you....

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Thomas S. October 20, 2014

Sooooo excited to find this online! I lost my copy of this recipe from the Grandma's collection. YAY! It's my hubby's favorite and surprising him with it tonight night for his birthday! ??

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Paula C. November 18, 2013

I haven't made this in awhile but thought is was really good. I used garlic cheese biscuits from Schwan's.

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*Huntergirl* November 03, 2009

It is rare when I make a recipe I see on a food network, but this recipe looked so good that I thought I would give it a try. I followed the recipe to a T and it looked promising. HOWEVER, it was so lacking in taste...very bland (and yes I did add salt and pepper). The cheese under the biscuits made the biscuits seem raw or under cooked and so it was a complete failure. I believe that it is important to try a published recipe as it is dictated rather that make adjustments to it before a comment is worthwhile. So, as the recipe stands...it is definitely NOT a keeper for us.

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dmclarke2u July 30, 2015
Creamed Chicken and Biscuits