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I made this for the Make it Healthier game and really enjoyed it! I halved the recipe, used turkey broth, margarine in place of butter, 2% milk and instead of ham used vegetarian bacon. I also added 1 tbls. Neufchatel cream cheese for a little extra richness. Thank you!

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Sharon123 January 12, 2008

What can I say except yummmm. I was browsing recipes this morning and had everything on hand that this ask for and it sounded very good. It's delicious! I had just a dab (maybe 1 1/2 TBSP of low fat cream cheese and added that to use it up and it did no damage at all *wink*. Simple to put together with inexpensive ingredients but good enough to serve company as a first course.

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Annacia September 26, 2010

Delicious! I doubled the recipe.. added some cayenne pepper for some zing... and also added a can of cream of potato soup to thicken it up a bit. I made a slurry of buttermilk baking mix and milk and added that to it, too... so it would thicken a little more. I pureed some of it with my immersion blender. Very quick and easy soup.

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luvmybge December 15, 2013

Just made this soup tonight. Yummy! Great way to use up leftover ham...

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Tinkerbell's Mommy December 26, 2009

What a hearty, comforting soup! I made this exactly as written, except that I followed some reviewers' suggestions and added cheese (4 slices of Kraft Deluxe, which always melts perfectly). Great for a cold night. Thanks for a keeper! :-)

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KissKiss October 20, 2009

Wonderful, comforting bowl of soup! I made as directed with 2 changes: used white pepper instead of black (which I always do in creamy soups) - just a dash as it's so much stronger than black. And, I didn't have any ham but had smoked sausage so I used that instead. This was easy enough that it will be a great recipe for lunch whenever I have leftover veggies. The whole family enjoyed this.

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appleydapply October 16, 2009

I made this for potluck tag, but also because it is finally below 40 degrees here! I wanted a warm soup! But this didn't make a soup...more just vegetables piled on top of a liquid. I cooked the milk and flour for over 35 minutes, so that wasn't it. It was thick and creamy. I didn't use more broth. But I think the culprit was too much cabbage. What I thought was a medium head of cabbage must have been an extra large head of cabbage! But I love cabbage, so the extra cabbage wasn't a problem in the taste department, just in the presentation department. Thus, no pics. But my dish wasn't really a soup. It was piled up vegetables with a creamy broth underneath them. But the taste deserves 5 stars. Next time, I'll just use about 1/3 - 1/2 head of cabbage to make it into a soup. For the poster, I'd recommend a measurable amount of cabbage..cups, quarts, etc. so that it is more reliable. Even with too much cabbage, the taste of this is wonderful, and I'll make it again with adjustments. Thanks for posting. Made for potluck tag.

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breezermom November 17, 2008

I made this pretty much to the recipe, only adding some garlic and some rosemary and sage to the thyme. Very easy to make, very adaptable if you don't quite have all the ingredients on hand or have others that need to be used. I used low-fat milk. Great blend of flavours and very filling: a meal in itself! We enjoyed this with crispy rolls. Thank you for sharing this recipe, WiGal.

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bluemoon downunder October 25, 2008

I made this for a nice, belly-warming lunch today, since it's cool and rainy today. It's a very satisfying soup with lots of good veggies. I used 1% milk to cut some fat calories. The only thing I added was a little garlic. I think (if your not watching your fat) that cheese would be great in this! Thanx for a great, yummy lunch. I'll make this soup again.

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*Parsley* May 12, 2008

I will make this again! Next time I'll opt for smoked ham rather than honey ham. I'll also half the amount of thyme. Although I loved the flavor, my children thought it was a bit strong. Colby Jack grilled cheese on sourdough was a perfect pairing.

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SonnyHavens December 14, 2013
Creamed Cabbage Soup