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These were pretty good, but they weren't really to my taste. They are a lot sweeter than I like my scones, and very very rich from the cream and butter. They are also too tender in texture for me, as they easily fall apart (very messy for a 2-year old!). Changes I made: skipped the raisins (was going to add currants but changed my mind at the last minute), made in a food processor instead of stirring together by hand, skipped the honey (too sticky), and patted into a circle and cut into 8 wedges, which took an additional 3 minutes to bake. I didn't like them as well as my mom's old scone recipe, so I probably wouldn't make them again. My husband thought they were pretty good, but my son wouldn't finish his despite the homemade jam on them. However, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to someone looking for a tender, sweet, rich scone. Thanks, Fairy Godmother!

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Halcyon Eve October 29, 2006

i tried with half the propotion.... nice....very nice.

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Chintan July 21, 2006
Cream Scones