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What an interesting and delicate recipe! I set out to make some eclairs for my DH and was suprisingly pleased at the results. The choux pastry was easy enough to make. I put the batter into a zip bag and cut the corner off of one side to "pipe" my eclair shapes onto my cookie sheet. Baked off for about 35 minutes and then cut the slit in the side, as directed, and baked 10 minutes longer. The shells came out perfectly brown and crispy.
The vanilla cream was a little more challenging, but only because I was afraid of scrambling the eggs. It turned out great, but I did run it through a strainer (just in case). I agree with some reviewers that the cream is a little thin, after adding the whipped cream. Next time, I believe I will try just 1 cup of heavy cream whipped.
Thank you so much pattikay for posting this recipe and making me feel like a gourmet chef and hero for the day with my hubby :) (Will be making these again in a week :))

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Danny's Wife :D September 15, 2011

Thank you, this recipe made me a superstar at a recent progressive dinner where I was in charge of dessert! I doubled the recipe and made half cream puffs and the other half larger and drizzled with chocolate. I got so many compliments and there was not one left. I had extras and found that I can easily freeze both the pastry and the cream. this is due to the fact that your recipe calls for flour instead of cornstarch. Your directions were fantastic as I had never made these before. Thanks again, this is definitely a keeper! I plan to make them again for Christmas.

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TLu December 15, 2014

Nice pastry cream. Not too thick. I used vanilla bean instead of extract.

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Kathy!! July 29, 2013

I'm only rating the pastry because I didn't use the cream or chocolate for these. I read that the cream was thin in this recipe so I used a different one. But this pastry came out perfect. I cut a little slit in each one and baked 10 mins longer as directed and then just filled the pastry with the cream using a bismark tip instead of slicing the bun in half, everyone loved them.

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partysweets May 02, 2013

Boy was this a challenge. Needed the help of Q&A for this. Probably because I've never made these before and had no idea what I was doing. Thanks to Pattikay in LA for the help and all the people in Q&A. The problem I had with this recipe is that The Choux Paste was way too thin made as directed. After 4 trys, and suggestions from Q&A, I cooked the butter/water mixture until it boiled then while it cooked added the flour all at once and cooked it for another minute or two and it finally made a ball. The rest was easy. The filling is outstanding and really impressed my company. Thanks pattikay for posting and for the tips. My baking skills are way below the standard.

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~Nimz~ May 12, 2007

So yummy! I didn't have to strain the filling. If you temper the egg yolks really well and then whisk them in, you shouldn't have any lumps. My son likes a more custardy filling, but my niece and my husband said these are the best cream puffs they've ever had. I think I may have under-baked the puffs a bit, but it didn't matter at all. Excellent recipe!

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Fredwina December 30, 2014

these were easy and really good! the only thing i MIGHT change next time is to omit en egg for the choux. i thought the finished product left a little egg taste? maybe i did something wrong? didn't beat them enough? also, i would double the choux.. i had SO MUCH cream left over--we're having waffles for dinner to use it up! haha thanks so much!

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ahungrywolfe December 31, 2009

The pastry is great and the cream is tasty but much too runny and thin. I need to figure out a way to have the pastry cream be as tasty but have more filling capabilities. The pastries themselves have been a huge hit though, light and airy and super tasty. Thanks pattikay!

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Analysis Paralysis August 25, 2009

I made this recipe in bulk for an event last night- they turned out great! I made 24 small puffs per recipe (vs. the 12 larger). I think because of that the baking time was significantly different. about 25 minutes to start, then about 7 after the slit cut in, and I did not finish by letting them dry in the oven. They turned out great without that. The pastry cream is time consuming by easy to make- just be sure to temper the eggs really well before adding them to the boiling milk mixture and you shouldn't need to strain the cream in the end. Everyone really enjoyed this version of a lighter pastry cream- it was delicious but not quite as rich- really nice. Thanks for a good recipe!

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Colorado Mel June 13, 2009

Well, the flavor is very good. But, I also had trouble with the consistency of the pastry cream. It was way too thin to fill a pastry with. I hate that we had to eat the mistakes!!

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texasjj June 07, 2009
Cream Puffs or Eclairs With Vanilla Pastry Cream