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This is a terrific and easy sub. I keep a bag of this in my pantry now. I usually don't even bother to add the mushrroms or celery or chicken.....or whatever was supposed to be in my "cream of ...." . Every recipe I have made with it has been great and I am very happy to do without all of the sodium.

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Heather W. January 29, 2010

I found this quite some while back and I really wanted to comment. So many recipe's ask for creamed soups and they're expensive and just too milky/fatty for my taste. I did this with the dry milk and it was EXCELLENT. I've also used soy, not quite as good, but passable. However, as a basic cream soup sub. this is well over 5 stars. I've used a variety of bouillons as well as changing or adding herbs depending on recipe and this just gets better each time. Thank you ever so much. I cannot imagine why anyone would use the canned cream soups; they should give this a try.

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freya1924 April 06, 2008

This was great!! In a recipe I wouldn't have know that it was not the real deal if I hadn't of made it myself. I sauteed some diced up mushrooms in butter flavored PAM and added them for 'Cream Of Mushroom Soup'. Thanks for sharing...this one is a keeper!

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mammafishy January 24, 2011

5 Stars, just like the county extension recipes. This saved me when I couldn't locate dry cream of broccoli soup mix at my local grocery stores, but once I substituted Wyler's no-salt chicken granules, I was able to drastically reduce the sodium. This went together in a flash, and worked very well in weekend cooker's Broccoli Two Cheese Frittata #313707. Many thanks for posting this on Zaar.

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KateL August 28, 2008

For a dry mix substitute for a cream soup it will do in a pinch. As I was cooking I added some garlic powder, salt, a little celery salt and parsley flakes to it. I'm not sure if I would use this often but I like the fact that it's all dry ingredients and can be kept in the cub-board for some time.

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Catnip46 October 12, 2012
Cream of Soup Substitute Mix