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Most unusual! Trust you, Sydney Mike, to come up with a recipe like this one! I used 1/2 cup of lemon juice, 1/2 cup orange juice and 3 cups of water. I'm always uncomfortable when I see "water" listed as an ingredient and want to change it to something tastier; and I knew that orange and lemon juice both taste great with cooked mushrooms. If I were making this again - and I think I will be trying it again as it's so different from other mushroom soups I've eaten that I strongly suspect that really loving this would be an acquired taste - I'm going to include some wine and some thyme. I was really comfortable with the inclusion of sunflower seeds as I use them a lot. Thank you for the culinary adventure that this recipe represented. I love mushrooms and, although this was tasty, at this stage it's not my favourite mushroom recipe. Made for Newest Zaar Tag.

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bluemoon downunder February 21, 2009

I enjoyed trying a totally different take on mushroom soup. This would be great for summer! I halved the water and sunflower seeds, because it would not have fit in my blender otherwise. I used a LOT more nutritional yeast than called for---probably about a cup. I used 3 raw cloves of garlic, and Spike seasoning instead of lemon pepper. I used about a cup of mushrooms, and added a swig of Braggs liquid aminos. The flavor was quite nice. I must admit, though, that after eating a few bites, I did warm it a bit in the microwave. The mushrooms still seemed a lot fresher than in normal cream of mushroom soup, though. Thanks for posting this nutritious recipe. I might make it again when the weather is hotter.

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Prose February 04, 2009
Cream of Mushroom Soup (Raw Food)