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This is one of my favorite veges, and the soup pays it homage - beautiful. Because this is an indulgent ingredient, I topped the soup with garlic-sauteed king prawns and a swirl of truffle oil. The saltiness of the prawns and the fragrance of the oil married brilliantly with this soup.

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ChrisWells April 21, 2009

I made this with one change. I added a pinch of dried thyme to it. Yummy and super good with the spinach at the bottom. It was even better with a sharp cheddar cheese topping. I think I will try watercress or arugula for a bigger kick. I also didn't peel my chokes. Scrubbed them really well and chopped them up. Didn't make a difference and saved me tons of time.

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TeacherLaLa February 21, 2012
Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke/Sunchoke Soup