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I had a bag of home-grown green beans that I'd left on the plants too long and they'd gone a bit tough, so I decided to look for a soup recipe to use them up. This recipe was so easy, I blended thoroughly to make sure there were no tough bits left, and the result was absolutely delicious!

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j_hersee October 04, 2015

How good is this - it had me hunting though my reviews - my cookbooks and finally found the well used copy in my recipe drawer with last seasons recipe finds. Knew I loved bean soups fresh and dried but this is the first recipe for cream of green bean I've made or tasted. Before I do anything else taking time to review - can't chance losing this one! Made as posted, it is one terific soup using either the dried savory or the fresh snipped in. One of the benefits of reviewing - the recipe is always there when you need it! Thank you, look forward to making pots of creamed green bean soup again this summer.

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Gerry August 13, 2009
Cream of Fresh Green Bean Soup