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I thought this was quite good, and I know I will make this again and again. I tend to prefer a chunky soup, so I didn't puree the mixture but rather just let the ingredients do as they will after simmering the soup to perfection. I thought the trio of half-n-half, ricotta and swiss cheese was just a little much, so I will probably skip one of those ingredients the next time I make this (maybe the ricotta ??). But I thought the portabella mushrooms added such a wonderful earthy flavor that I would never have thought to include in a soup, so I am quite glad to have discovered that secret as a result of participating in this RSC contest. I didn't have any pros or cons about the carrots or celery, but I would probably leave them out next time too, only so the full earthy flavor of the portabellas can shine through. All in all, this was a creative and tasty entry that I most definitely will make again. Good luck with RSC #16, chef.

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NorthwestGal May 31, 2011

I liked this flaveorful soup. Easy and satisfying.

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pamela t. May 31, 2011

I made the base soup earlier in the day. Later, dished out about half of it and added the appropriate amounts of cream and cheeses. I thought it had a nice flavour, and was quite filling. Later that evening, I thought I'd have some more, but was too lazy to add the cream and cheese, so I just heated up the base. I preferred this much better. I realize some of the 'added' ingredients were for the purpose of the contest, but I personally preferred it without. This I will make again. Great job chef, and good luck in the contest.

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Diana #2 May 28, 2011
Cream of Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Soup