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This was wonderful. I filled chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cupcakes with this. I doubled the recipe and was able to fill 96 cupcakes and had plenty of filling to spare. Next time I will probably only make one batch. I put it the filling in a pastry bag with a #7 tip, push the tip in the cupcake until the tip was covered and squeezed. You can tell as you are squeezing that the cupcake is filling up, it will puff up a little bit. You have to be careful not to put in to much because the cupcake will start to crack. One good short squeeze does it.

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Sherri L. November 15, 2006

Wonderful! I was looking for something akin to Krispy Kreme doughnuts filling. This isn't exactly "it", but my daughter says it's better! She asked if we could just eat this batch and make another. The recipe is SUPER simple as written. I would point out that the milk/flour mixture will form a skin as it cools, but it isn't a problem in the final result. The reviewer who found it thinner than expected must not have let the milk and flour thicken. In taste and texture I found it to be very much like the Italian Merengue Buttercream frosting I used on my daughter's wedding cake.

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soinshelby February 04, 2010

This filling just didn't work out for me. The flour and milk got too thick (I probably needed more milk, but I didn't want it to be runny), and whereas it did whip together nicely using an electric mixer, it just didn't live up to my hopes. I wanted to make "Hostess" cupcakes, so I made a batch of http://www.food.com/recipe/dark-chocolate-cake-2496 as cupcakes and used my inserter tool. NOTE: ***make sure the cupcakes are QUITE cool before filling!*** I though my cupcakes were sufficiently cooled, but the butter and shortening melted, leaving glops of flour milk inside. Now I'm wondering what I have against Cool Whip that I didn't use that instead. We've been eating the chocolate cupcakes, but throwing out the greasy and gloppy middles.

I wonder if a meringue would be a better fluffy base? Just add sugar and vanilla to egg whites and beat? Without the fat, it wouldn't melt in the cupcake ... but then again, what's wrong with Cool Whip? Just because I *usually* make my food from scratch doesn't mean there aren't a few exceptions.

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nethope November 30, 2011

I am giving this 4 stars (even though I didn't care for the taste) because it whips up beautifully into a smooth, soft, fluffy creme. However, to me it is too salty and tastes very floury. The salt part can be corrected, the floury taste cannot be overcome and it is intensified on the 2nd day. That is a flavor I associate with sausage gravy and other savory dishes and I don't like it here. I once made another creme recipe that used flour for the thickener and had the same experience. I don't even know why I fooled around with this one - hope, I guess!
Anyway, I seem to be alone on my feelings about the flavor so I am certainly not leaving a poor review. Texturally, this could not be a more beautiful filling.

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Weewah January 08, 2011

What a great recipe for filling pastries & cakes! I used it to fill cream puffs, and it was wonderful- I think I could eat the filling plain. The recipe itself was easy to follow and used ingredients that I always have on hand. Thank you for a wonderful treat!

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Jess_WI February 26, 2007

This was not nearly as "creamy" as I was hoping it would be. I couldn't get the right consistency and so I tried whipping it for a few minutes which seemed to help a little but it was thinner than I was hoping when I tried the recipe.

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ktenille November 27, 2006
Cream Filling