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A delightful find on RZ - and just the job, as I grow salad burnet in my herb garden - I love its cucumber-like flavour! I am by myself at present, so this was a fresh idea for a simple lunch just for moi. I used wholemeal bread and local salted butter with plain cream cheese, and of course salad burnet leaves. I ate these little sarnies outside on the terrace; this will be added to my sandwiches cookbook, a tea-time treat for sure and one that makes good use of salad burnet OTHER than adding it to salads. Merci cg - FT:-) Edited to add: My salad burnet came from the Yorkshire Dales, I purloined it on my last trip back to the UK - it grows in profusion in the meadows there, just thought you would like to know the origins - naughty me! Edited again! I cut the crusts off the bread, as I think tea sandwiches should be dainty and I also used about 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons of salad burnet leaves. (This time the birds got the crusts - but I usually freeze them to make bread crumbs.)

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French Tart July 08, 2009
Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches With Salad Burnet