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I loved the taste of the cookies. I had trouble with the consistency. Is the flour at 1 1/4 cups correct? Maybe I didn't let it chill long enough. The recipe doesn't specify how long to chill dough. I chilled it about 45 minutes. It would not come out of the cookie press because it was too sticky. I added more flour and I think it would have worked then;, but we ran out of time-a group of us was doing our Christmas baking together..and we had to leave the dough. Two days later I got back to it and it was so stiff from being chilled...I suppose because I added flour that it again could not be pressed out of a cookie press. I made logs and balls with the dough and dipped them in chocolate and nuts and sprinkles. I want to try them again, but I want to make sure that the flour is correct. They do have a great taste and have less calories than regular spritz. WHEN I GET THIS FIGURED OUT, THIS WILL BE THE BEST SPRITZ!!!

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Alfsdatter December 16, 2007

This is now my favorite spritz recipe!

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Kramer December 15, 2006
Cream Cheese Spritz