Cream Cheese & Olive Sandwiches

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

If you are a green olive fan like I am, this is a must. My mom used to serve this to me for lunch when I was growing up. I still make it now and then and my kids love it too. My husband thought it was gross, but then tried it on crackers as an appetizer, now he's a fan.

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  1. place cream cheese in bowl.
  2. add olive juice (a little at a time).
  3. incorporate olive juice into the cream cheese until you get a soft, smooth, creamy texture.
  4. chop olives (not the entire jar, just enough to your liking) and mix with the cream cheese serve on warm toast or on crackers.
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Simple yet delicious, especially if you're an olive lover.<br/><br/>I threw in some finely diced onions, for the crunch I love so much. :)

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I grew up on this also. We would buy a jar of green olives and 1 package of cream cheese, empty some of the juice, add the jar of olives to a food processor and blend a few seconds. We then add the cream cheese and let blend until completely mixed. Easy! Not only do we eat this on bread, we eat it on pretzels too! Yum!

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This was very easy and very good. Thank you for sharing!