Cream Cheese Coconut Filling (Bundt Cake)

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Recipe by deelisas

I was making an afterthought of a cake last night and decided to one up the usual bundt cake - It is delicious! My poor co-workers - I quit smoking and havn't quit baking since! I amde this with a muffin recipe I found in a magazine - so I am sure that this could be dropped into muffins and baked as well. Oh man I love this baking stuff!


  1. Cream the cheese.
  2. Add coconut then mix.
  3. What I did is drop the chocolate chips into the batter after I poured it into the bundt cake pan.
  4. drop coconut/cream cheese mixture over the chips in the cake mixture.
  5. then I dropped the nuts on top of that.
  6. I used this with Recipe #249654 Dark Chocolate Cake - WOW!

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