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This was yummy! I served this for brunch with my son's playgroup, and everyone loved it! Even my husband couldn't resist grabbing a piece on his way to work. I did make a few changes: I only used 1 package of cream cheese, 1/4 cup sugar in the filling, spread some strawberry jam on top of the cream cheese, and added some fresh strawberries (since they're in season right now). I also cut down on the sugar for the topping, using only 1/4 cup, with 1/4 cup butter. I did find that the top layer felt too soft after baking for 35 minutes, so I left it in for another 10 minutes, and it came out perfect! Thanks for this super easy recipe!

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joni2001md April 20, 2010

We're having our annual office 'goodie day' today and I wanted something not so sweet to go along with the cookies and candies. Made these omitting the sugar and cinnamon. Subbed a finely chopped jalapeno, two green onions, 3/4 t cumin 1/2 t cayenne and 1/2 t garlic salt in the cream cheese. Used about 1/4 c of melted margarine over the top. I cut a small corner to taste and I think these will be a hit. Already planning on making them for Christmas Eve. Thanks for a great and versatile recipe!!!

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Grandma Deb December 15, 2010

This recipe is fantastic! A huge hit with everyone! My girlfriends and I always gather the opening weekend of deer season and make a big chili dinner for the guys. While we are waiting for the guys to return we always bake cookies and desserts and have a good time. We made this recipe (doubled) as is and then made a second batch (also doubled) and added chocolate chips. I had three pieces left on the plate when we were cleaning up. There are so many options, we even talked about doing it southwestern style omitting the cinn/sugar and adding salsa or jalapenos. The options are endless! Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe!

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laci512 November 15, 2010

Definite crowd pleaser!! Make sure you cut the sugar WAY down though.

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aliono June 13, 2010

Wow, sooooo good! I've made this twice now, and it's been amazing both times. I usually make a half-batch in an 8x8 or 9x9 pan. I use reduced fat cream cheese and reduced fat crescent rolls, but other than that I leave this recipe alone since it's perfect as written here! It's fantastic fresh out of the oven.... but our favorite way to eat it is after it's been in the fridge for a few hours! So good! Thanks for sharing!

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AnnaBanana14 July 25, 2010

I loved these! I added 1/2 c. fresh blueberries into the cream cheese mix, and other than that followed the recipe, splitting it in half. They were really yummy along with some hot chocolate! Thank you Paula :) Made for Comfort Food Photos

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Linda's Busy Kitchen January 28, 2008

Out of this world! All the other reviews were right. Everyone loved them. I used the "pizza dough" by Pillsbury because I thought it was just fine as a replacement and I was right except the dough was a little too large for 9x13 pan so next time I'll buy the regular sized crescent rolls. I truly believe these are as good if not better than the Cinnabon rolls bought at the large malls. Soooo easy to make, they will now be a "traditional" serving for special occasions. Thanks for such a superb recipe that lived up to it's billing.

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Chef Cameo December 28, 2010

Made for Christmas morning. What a hit with the entire family. Based on other reviews I decreased sugar in both the filling and the topping by 1/4 cup. Used brown sugar for the topping. This recipe is so delicious. I'm sure we will try this again with some of the variations/additions others have posted. Thank you Aunt Paula.

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kim December 26, 2010

What a fantastic dessert! I made this with Splenda because I am a diabetic, and it was FANTASTIC! I did add some strawberry preserves on top of the cream cheese, other than that, I made the recipe exactly as written. As other have said, this is a great place to start. You can add any fruit preserves, or even apples and caramels, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, or let your imagination run wild! I think a savory one with onion, garlic, and chives would be great too. This is great, give it a try!

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DJBiker July 08, 2010

These were SINFULLY good!! I halved the recipe, but probably could have got down on the butter to 3T. The pan was all but licked clean. Do allow a good 30 minutes to cool off. Otherwise they are so messy and impossible to get out of the pan in 1 pc.

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College Gal June 18, 2010
Cream Cheese Cinnamon Crescents