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I used evaporated milk, peppers, and mixed mexican cheese instead. I like lots of filling in mine so I oly got 6 enchiladas out of this recipe. Works well if you get ingredients ready and keep in fridge to make up next day. Sot of a Robin Miller Thing, Or Sandra Lee. Birdie

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Grandma Birdie August 14, 2008

These enchiladas were delicious!! I doubled the recipe for a family event and they were a huge hit. I also made a vegetarian version for one family member by using mushrooms, onions, and cilantro as the filling with the same sauce. I'm making these again this weekend for another gathering and know they will be enjoyed again. I second what Birdie said as well. This is a great recipe to prep a day early, then construct and bake the day they'll be served.

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anneelise3 October 22, 2014

I thought these were good! Very flavorful and hearty. I added some fresh chopped cilantro for garnish and served this dish with rice and pinto beans. I will be making this dish again. Thanks for posting!

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Audrey Parrish March 15, 2010

This recipe tastes great! But I did a lot of stuff to cut the fat. I used margerine instead of butter, I used skim milk instead of cream (the sauce was still very thick and tasty), I cut the cream cheese in half and used low-fat cream cheese. I used low-fat cheddar and I only sprinkled 1/2c on top. I didn't fry the tortillas, but then learned why you would want to, the tortillas tear easily if not fried, not sure how to get around that, but I was able to make the dish. Just as an FYI, the sauce that you make could easily make a really yummy dip, I am going to try that for my next potluck.

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Rae-Rae May 14, 2008
Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas