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This recipe was a complete surprise. The combination of ingrediants found in this recipe, is not only mouthwatering but delectable in its presentation. I found the instructions well thought out and easily defined by measurements. The chocolate-cream cheese duo brought a tantalizing view of how desserts can be dream like. I enjoyed the essence of this dessert, and look forward to Mrs.Rani Kabani's ingenious recipes. Way to go Kabani! This ones a keeper!

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Taj Mahal August 12, 2002

This is one of the best cream cheese (marbled) brownie recipes I've tried and I've tried a lot! The ratio of cream cheese to brownie is just right, the brownies are moist, and the ingredients are simple. I sprinkled a few Nestle Semi-Sweet chips over the top before baking to add a little punch, but the brownies really didn't need them.

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Claire #3 September 05, 2002

I wanted to make cream cheese brownies and out of the 3 recipes I printed, I had all the ingredients on hand for this one, and I'm glad I did. The brownies were quick and easy to make. They tasted great, I'll definately make these again. My only problem was putting the second layer of brownie batter on top of the cream cheese layer, I had trouble getting it on nice so I just let the marbling be messy, they still taste excellent.

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jomuir February 27, 2003

These were absolutely great! They were very moist and rich - I didn't even have the right amount of cream cheese on hand - just used what was left of an 8oz. pkg. I had on hand - probably 5oz. or so. I've never baked brownies covered like that - it seemed to me they almost steamed while cooking - maybe why they were so moist! Thanks for a great recipe!

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Joy1996 December 07, 2002

Oh, now these were seriously good!! In a word, amazing. I was totally unprepared for how good these would be. Don't let anyone tell you these brownies are cakey-they're not. They are soooo fudgy, rich and delicious. For those having problems getting them in the pan, just use a small amount of the thick chocolate batter in the bottom of the pan and spread it very thin then pour on the cream cheese batter (which is not as thick) and spread it out. Dollop the remaining chocolate batter on in small dollops all over and then spread it out gently, then marble. It really isn't going to matter too much though-they just are that good. This is possibly the best recipe I've tried on Zaar yet!

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saraquarius January 04, 2009

You just can't go wrong with chocolate and cream cheese. I have to fess up to using a boxed brownie mix that had been lingering much too long in my cupboard; nevertheless, it was a delicious recipe. I just used your cream cheese filling, dropping spoonfuls on top of the batter and swirling it. I had to forgo the middle cream cheese layer as I used a 13x9 inch pan and didn't have enough (it didn't occur to me to double the filling portion until after it was in the oven). My only gripe would be my eating almost the entire pan myself. I don't suppose anyone has a recipe for self-control?

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hepcat1 September 24, 2006

Besides for peanut butter cream cheese brownies these were the nest best comparison. I love cheesecake type things and brownies so I knew this would be awesome. I think it is impossible to spread the top layer on so i just dallop it on and swirl it and it turns out great. SOme had more brownie and some had more cheesecake so everyone was satisfied. I didnt cover mine either and it didnt seem to matter. Follow this and it will taste awesome!

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MICHELLE burgard July 28, 2003

Lovely brownies. Directions and ingredients work out perfectly.

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Anastasia-Sacha August 28, 2015

I asked my husband what did they taste like,he said More....they are the best he ever had. These are so good and moist I even added some walnuts to the batter. Thanks for the recipe.....

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jwyatt4400 June 22, 2015

Had all the ingredients on hand, so gave it a try. They came out great! The top brownie mix was too think to spread, as others have noted. So it ended up just getting mixed together a bit. I made mine in a 8x6 glass pan. I baked it covered with tinfoil for 45 minutes, then uncovered for 15 more minutes. It came out mostly cakey, which I prefer over fudgy gooey brownies.<br/><br/>I will make again, maybe with a modification to make the brownie batter a bit easier to spread.

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PdxBarb February 03, 2015
Cream Cheese Brownies!