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These were wonderful! I took half of them to a BBQ and brought the other half to work - all very well received. These were easy to make - although I wasn't sure if I was suposed to use 6.5 oz butter plus 5T or how much and when? That was confusing. I only used 5 Tablespoons total. Either way, they were very fudgy and the cream cheese swirl was great. And Saturn was right, this recipe does dirty a lot of dishes!

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Brooke the Cook in WI May 01, 2007

OH, what decadence!!! I too was somewhat confused by the butter addition and followed another reviewer and only added 6 tbsp total, devided among the chocolate and cream cheese mix. In return my cream cheese mix was a bit thin, so I added more of the flour mix. Next time I will stick to the 6 tbsp devided and then make a bit less cream cheese mix, since there was plenty. I baked for 32 min and it was still soft (could have something to do with the reduced butter), but I removed from the oven anyway because I was afraid of over-baking these yummies. Next time I will reduce the amount of sugar to 1 1/2 cups total as well since I find them on the sweet side. I omitted the nuts and with the reduced butter it cut 2000 cal out of the recipe.

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Deantini April 17, 2011

Great tasting brownies, these, & as with others who've made & reviewed them, we thoroughly enjoyed the taste combo of the chocolate & cream cheese! I ALLOWED my other half to take some to share at work, but the rest of them, we'll somehow manage to devour right here at home! Definitely a keeper of a recipe! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike January 04, 2011

These are excellent! I used 8 ounces of cream cheese by mistake and it was still great. I probably did not get the pretty swirl of the chocolate and cream cheese because of the extra cream cheese. But they taste amazing! The whole family really enjoyed these brownies Thanks! Great recipe.

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susie cooks January 28, 2007

These taste like a beautiful marriage of cheesecake and brownie. They go together easily. But they use up a lot of dishes! It is SO worth it though! The swirls are the awesome. They have that sweet tang that only cream cheese can provide. And the chocolate part is perfect. These really are a treat. I will make these again and again, I am sure! Thanks for posting!!

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Saturn October 09, 2006
Cream Cheese Brownies