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chia.....5PLUS stars to this recipe. Literally threw it all in the machine and started it. We were cutting into it before I had it completely outta the pan!! Immediately made another loaf for the morning. It is great toasted with mayo and lettuce and roast beef. This is wonderful...TY

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LAURIE February 19, 2003

This is the type of bread best eaten hot. I used fresh chives but could't really taste them and the recipe, as is, is definitely a sweet bread due to the sugar with a little bit of a kick coming from the cream cheese but not sweet enough to come into the cake category. It has a very nice texture and cuts well. Easy to make too. As far as its bread qualities go I can't fault it. If I make it again however I would use more herbs to suit my own tastebuds. So its a great bread but I personally like Chia's other bread recipes better. This is the recipe I would like to give 4 1/2 stars. However it is getting 5 stars because other household members really like it and are asking for more and the bread is disappearing within 30 minutes of coming out of the breadmaker.

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Missy Wombat February 21, 2003

We loved this bread! I did increase the chives to 2 1/2 Tablespoons and reduced the sugar to 3/4 a tablespoon but otherwise changed no other ingredients. I made it on the dough cycle in my bread machine and then took it out and made into a french bread roll, placed in a warm spot for an hour and then baked at 325 degrees for 24 minutes. Great bread!

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Red in US February 28, 2009

I really enjoyed this bread, very easy to make and came out beautifully. I used chive and onion cream cheese instead of cream cheese and chives and it worked beautifully. I made paninis with this bread for dinner. Thanks for the recipe!

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KellyMac6 January 11, 2009

This was a pretty tasty bread. In the future I will increase the amount of chives as they really didn't have much of a presence. I also had to add almost 1/2 cup extra water as it was much too dry. With those modications I will definitely make this again. It had the best crust I have had out of a bread machine to date. Thanks for posting.

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cyaos May 10, 2008

WOW i really enjoyed this bread i did have to use green onions in it because it was what i had on hand but the texture light and fluffy and the tast is just sspot on i do think next time imay adda bit more onion if i am looking for the onion to stand on it is but as a good fall back anytime bread it is perfect as is thank so much this is the first bread i have really enjoyed in my abm i now have a list of how to eat it going in myhead toast brutter bread sammies yummy

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kittycara February 25, 2007

Originally followed the recipe to the letter with the chives but did not find the chives provided much taste. I have since used the basic dough recipe (without the chives) to make pancetta/cracked black pepper bread-simply add 3 oz chopped pancetta & 1/2 tsp cracked (not ground) black pepper the last two minutes of mixing with my KitchenAid mixer. Have also experimented with different cheeses & the results were great. The texture of the bread is superb with the addition of the cream cheese. Thanks.

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lois hall September 04, 2006

I used cream cheese with chives and added 2 teaspoons of rosemary. Bread turned out fantastic. Very soft, tasty and smelled heavenly. The only problem was the bread was so soft that I had difficulty cutting it and so good that I finished half a loaf in one sitting. I freezed the remaining half. The next day, I toasted some slices and found them still very good.

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Novice Baker July 31, 2006

Good texture and taste. I substituted 1/3 of the sugar for splenda and 1/3 of the bread flour for wheat flour for health reasons (and still came out very light and soft) and used herb cream cheese from my local bagel shop instead of cream cheese plus fresh chives just because it's what I had on hand. I really like this idea. I also have some honey walnut cream cheese and some spinach artichoke cream cheese in the fridge and one of them may be finding their way into the next loaf when this loaf is gone. Added 4/6/06: Just tried this with a Garlic & Herb cream cheese spread made by Kraft. It worked very nicely, same texture and similar taste to last time, but with a hint of garlic. So far we've eaten half the loaf just hot with butter, but I think it will make great sandwiches as well.

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littleturtle April 06, 2006

This is a lovely bread! I did add a tad bit more water cause I was scared after reading the other reviews. I let my bread machine do all the work and it did a fine job, but next time (and there will be a next time) I will try it in the oven. Thank you for this recipe!!!

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Chef Mommie November 06, 2005
cream cheese and chive bread