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This was definitely crazy . . . Crazy Good! I had to make a few changes: I used raspberry jam instead of apricot, gluten free chocolate chip cookies instead of almond biscotti, and Kahlua instead of amaretto. I had excellent results. I couldn't decide which layer was my favorite. With each bite I kept changing my mind. "No, this one is the best. No, that one is the best!" Thank you for posting. You've got a winner here. Reviewed for ZWT4.

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DreamoBway June 30, 2008

What a fantastic combination of ingredients. I followed the recipe to a T and wouldn't change a thing. Rich, creamy, and delicious!

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PanNan July 13, 2008

I loved having the apricots, chocolate, liqueur and almonds all right next to each other. I modified it so I could use up the gelatto experiments I had for when I helped my ZWT4 team (Tastebud Tickling Travellers) work on our recipe. For the apricot layer I used peach gelatto and Filipino sugar cookies (polvoron) and dried apricots and dried peaches, for the second layer I used dulce de leche ice cream (which is sweet with caramel) cocoa powder instead of syrup (which balanced the extra sweetness, and Frangelico instead of amaretto. I used too much Frangelico because I had trouble getting it to set, but it was sooooo tasty I didn't care. For the third layer I used a lightly flavored strawberry gelatto I made and omitted the almond extract since I didn't have any. All in all the main differences I think were just the peach and strawberry in the two layers, but it all still went together really well and was super tasty. It made my simple gelattos that I was getting tired of something special.

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MC Baker July 01, 2008

Great job, Cooks Must Be Crazy!!! Your team created a very yummy spumoni!! This was SO EASY to put together and LOOKS IMPRESSIVE when you serve it!! I don't enjoy apricots much, so I subbed some organic flash-frozen cherries and red raspberry jam. I kept everything else the same, though, but allowed it to freeze overnight since we weren't going to be ready to eat it until the next day. It came out beautifully! Made for the CAFE ZMAAK Gypsies for ZWT4!!

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Annisette June 25, 2008

A tasty creation your team came up with for the ZWT 4 Italian Frozen Dessert Challenge. I could not find dried apricots so I used dried cherries with the apricot jam and enjoyed the sweet and tart flavors. For the second layer I used a bar of Hersheys dark chocolate and almond extract. The third layer I added more dried cherries, omitted the almonds and placed in the freezer for 3 hours. When I turned the ice cream out on a platter it wasnt completely set. The middle was still mushy but the top had started to harden. I think if I doubled the freezing time it would have been better. A nice bite of treats in every spoonful and great way to jazz up ordinary vanilla ice cream. Made and reviewed for ZWT 4.

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lauralie41 June 24, 2008

Great job, Allison!! The flavors in this complemented each other so well, and I really liked having all the different "bits" in the ice cream. I used Special Dark Hershey's syrup in the middle. I also found some wonderful toffee almond flavored biscotti that I just couldn't pass up (the bottoms were dipped in chocolate!), so I used one in the apricot layer and another in the almond layer (I used a bit less of the almonds, though, since I like nuts in ice cream only sparingly). I used a light ice cream (Edy's Slow Churned French vanilla), so it got pretty melty as I was trying to work with it, but I alleviated that a bit by putting each ice cream bowl in larger ice-filled bowl as I was working with them. I'll have to try the suggested cherry version of this some time, too. Go Crazies!! Made for ZWT4

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Muffin Goddess June 23, 2008

This went together quite easily. I liked the combination of flavors. I did half the recipe and did have thinner layers, making it a little less appealing visually and I do think it does need several hours to harden, ours was a little mushy. But a fun receipe. Made for ZWT4

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morgainegeiser June 19, 2008

I really enjoyed the ease of your recipe creation. Using ice cream on hand & jazzing it up was a good idea. The only thing I did differently was to add the amaretto to the third layer. I know I will be using this recipe all summer for ice cream mix ins. Made for ZWT4.

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Susie D June 17, 2008

I really enjoyed this frozen dessert, but admit I did make a substitution for the first layer. I used fresh strawberries and strawberry jam in place of the apricots and used a chocolate almond discotti. I also decreased this to a serving for two. This is full of flavor and I really loved the toasted almonds with all the other flavors. Thanks Cook must be crazy!!! Made for ZWT4.

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diner524 June 17, 2008

We really loved this, and it was so easy. It is indeed adaptable - I don't really like apricots, so I used a layer with dried cherries and cherry jam, kept the other layers as written. Delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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pattikay in L.A. June 16, 2008
Crazy Spumoni