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These are wonderful. And evil. I have made them twice so far. What I learned after the first time was that it really helps to bake them for a full 30 minutes COVERED, and then 15 minutes uncovered. It helps cook the dough more. Also, it really is important to seal the apple wedge within the dough... the first time I made these I left the apple hanging out because it seemed impossible to cover it completely. But the apple was much more tender when I wrapped it completely the second time around. Thanks for posting this!

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Chef Itchy Monkey September 26, 2009

Crazy good! Very quick, these could be made in quantity and served for a holiday brunch. Will definitely make again, and will follow Chef Itchy Monkey's suggestion to bake covered for 30 minutes, then remove the foil and bake for 15 so the dough will cook through. Made for Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup tag game.

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KateL November 28, 2013

Sooooooo good and dangerous (I'm in danger of eating them all right now!) I used a Jonagold apple and dark brown sugar. I agree with other reviews that the dough was a little, well, "doughy" on the bottom and there also seemed to be a lot of sauce (delicious though it is). Next time (and there WILL be a next time!) I will try with half the amount of sauce. Thanks for the recipe!

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flower7 March 08, 2009

Lovely recipe. Quick and easy. Thanks for posting.

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gwynn November 18, 2014

I made this for church and everyone loved it! I did too! I used the suggestions by baking for 30 minutes and cutting the apples wedges in half. I also made only 1 batch of the sauce because I forgot to double the recipe for it...however it turned out amazing! I would have liked a little more of the sauce...it was so good. I only put half in and it burned off in the oven, but the rest I had on the stove which I poured over the top after it was cooked was wonderful.

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CashMom September 15, 2014

Perfect deliciousness! This turned out beautifully. I made two changes based on personal tastes. First I used apple pie spice instead of cinnamon because it just seemed to fit the flavor profile of the recipe. Second, I used Diet Mountain Dew because it's what I had on hand, plus I figured more sugar wasn't necessary. I also followed a previous reviewers suggestion on cooking times. I cooked them covered for 30 minutes, took off the cover and turned each dumpling, then cooked then uncovered for an additional 15 minutes. I used 2 dumplings for each serving, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Just perfect! I'm going to try it again and add pecans to the recipe. Definitely a keeper. Made for PAC Spring 2012.

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Hippie2MARS April 14, 2012

How Neat! My daughter loved this! She had fun making and eating them. I was a little skeptical... I've never made anything quite like this before but we thought it was great. We made them exactly as written for a fun afternoon snack/activity and they were perfect. Thanks for posting! Made for Pick a Chef Spring 2009

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Realtor by day, Chef by night April 14, 2009

i love desserts and this is a great one.you have a winner here

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jinglesmom May 22, 2008

AMAZING! So easy and SO good! My mom and I enjoyed these as a special treat last night - we've been craving an apple dumpling from Cracker Barrel, but hadn't had a chance to make it there yet. These dumplings were just as good!!! I made a few minor changes to the recipe ... I cut the apples into smaller pieces and mixed in some chopped walnuts and wrapped all of it up in the crescent roll. Thanks, for the good advice, blancpage and craftylady13! I only used half the sauce with the dumplings and simmered the rest - turned out fabulous! I served the dumplings with icecream and drizzled the extra sauce over the whole dish. Thank you so much! This recipe is a definite keeper!

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AnnieLynne May 21, 2008

I've seen so many of these apple dumpling recipes, but I finally chose this one because it was showcased in one of the RZ games I'm in. I used 1 Granny Smith, dark brown sugar, regular Mountain Dew, and Smart Balance with Flaxseed Oil. I appreciated Crafty Lady 13's review, and followed her example/suggestion about the sauce. Since it was just 2 of us, I halved the sauce (but made 8 dumplings) so that if I needed to save leftovers, they wouldn't get all soggy. I poured half the sauce around instead of on the dumplings, and simmered the rest. When the dumplings were finished baking, they were browned and flaky most of the way around each. I poured extra sauce that was on the stove on a plate and then placed the dumplings on top of sauce. Very nice flavor, loved the syrupy sauce! This was very easy, too. Thanks so much for sharing Gabe6309!! :) The Mountain Dew added a zingy flavor to the caramel sauce; a nice touch. Forgot to add, I also sprayed the pan with non-stick spray.

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blancpage April 10, 2008
Crazy Easy Apple Dumplings