Crazy Chicken and Rice

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Total Time
1hr 10mins
10 mins
1 hr

spicy chicken and brown rice- low fat mid day meal

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  1. boil chicken for 15 minutes in water, remove.
  2. reserve 2.25 cups water, add 1/4 c tabasco chipotle salsa
  3. return water to stove top in medium sauce pan.
  4. add 1 cup brown rice, cover allow to simmer 45 minute.
  5. cut jalapeno, remove seeds and chop (wash hands).
  6. skin and chop onion.
  7. in small skillet.
  8. spray with non fat cooking spray, sautee onion and jalapeno- add garlic powder, chili powder.
  9. chop chicken.
  10. remove heat from skillet.
  11. add chicken and stir.
  12. remove cover from rice, fluff with fork.
  13. add chicken and onion from skillet.