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This recipe intrigued me so I decided to give it a try. I would give the burgers a 3 but the pasta deserves a 5 hence the 4 rating. My burgers were completely white which was a turn off for me. Next time I'll just make the pasta and fry my burgers.

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Mysterygirl March 12, 2009

I love this dish! It's a way to get a wonderful pasta dish without the boiling and draining usually necessary. The pasta is delicious, and the turkeyburgers satisfy my husband--a true meateater. I will be making this again and again! BTW, it really doesn't need 1.25 lbs of burger. I only used 3/4 lb for two large patties, which totally filled up the top of my crockpot.

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Debbie R. November 06, 2008

I'm sorry I can't rate this any higher, it must not be to our tastes. We found the pasta very gummy and mushy, and I cooked it as directed. And the turkey burgers didn't have much flavor for us. Maybe with some tweaking , this could work.

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Midwest Maven November 03, 2008

This was a really good recipe and I think one of our favorites of all the ones we tried this contest. I had to leave out the mushrooms tho bc dh won't eat them. :( I did not take a picture because when I turned the camera on the battery was dead! Probably better anyway since I did not add the mushrooms. Burgers were a nice change from the other items offered in this contest, which helped me to select this as one of the ones I made. Best of luck in the contest!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) November 03, 2008

This was great. I've never tryed making burgers or mac and cheese in the crockpot and this accomplished both. Loved the combination of flavors in the pasta and the burgers were moist and juicy.

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MsSally November 03, 2008

Oh boy is this pasta good-with the crusty delicious edges like baked ziti! This recipe caught my eye when I read through the Craze-E Crockpot Contest entries, but I didn't think it would work. How could the turkey burgers be fully cooked (let alone good?) just sitting on top on low. I was skeptical of the Mac and Cheese since I struggled to make my own entry work, and it definitely required stirring. When I saw this come up as a finalist in the contest, I was completely intrigued! This made not only delicious, juicy, flavorful burgers that were perfectly cooked but also absolutely fantastic pasta - spicy, cheesy, full of mushrooms and crusty to perfection-which I don't think would have been achieved if it were stirred. (I couldn't get back to the crockpot for a full 3 1/2 hours.) I love this recipe and will definitely do this again-besides the perfect blend of flavors, I really like only having to wash one pot! I will likely delete the bacon and definitely use cooking spray first,to reduce clean-up. This is a very clever recipe conjured up by a crockpot genius!

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FLKeysJen November 03, 2008
Craze-E Crock-Pot Burgers & Cheesy Pasta