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These are very good potatoes, and easy to make. After boiling, I tossed them in a bowl with the olive oil and the seasonings. Then I put them on the cookie sheet and smashed them with a glass. I drizzled the potatoes with any remaining oil and seasonings from the bowl. Very tasty! I look forward to making these again and again!

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Recipe Reader February 17, 2011

Really, really good. I boiled my baby reds in chicken stock, saving the stock for part 3. Part 2 I used a glass to mash, brushed with olive oil & sprinkled on sea salt, pepper and smoked paprika. I finished them off in a hot cast iron skillet with olive oil and a pat of butter. I removed the crispy potatoes, added some of the leftover stock and reduced a bit-that I drizzled over the potatoes.
I won't worry about working this into my dinner rotation as my DH is doing that for me-LOL! Thanks for posting! Di ;-)

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Dib's May 22, 2011

What a gem of a recipe!!! WOW! I used the baby reds and appreciated the hint from Chicagoland Chef to boil them ahead of time. I forgot to brush the olive oil on them BEFORE I smashed them -- a step I will definitely do next time. I found the smooth bottom of a glass worked much better than the potato masher. I lined my pan with the non-stick foil, brushed with the olive oil, sprinkled with the sea salt and pepper -- and some fresh thyme. I used 440 as my oven temp, placed the baking sheet on the highest rack in the oven and baked for 25-30 minutes. They were heaven! We did 16 potatoes and between the two of us ate 12 of them (I could finished them off in a heartbeat -- but decided to save them for MY breakfast this morning! This is a blue ribbon recipe!!!

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Bobbie July 12, 2010

How could I have forgotten to rate this?! The potatoes were a crowd favorite for our New Year's Eve lunch with the in laws. See menu here: Menu #43490 I used medium/uniform sized red, Yukon and blue potatoes and fresh rosemary from the garden. Love this recipe! Added to my Best of 2011 list! Thank you!

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COOKGIRl February 06, 2011

I made these for the second time yesterday and they were very good both times. I used a glass to smash them, added the olive oil and seasoning, and then used parchment paper. They were nice and crispy. Yum!

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Texas Wine Girl January 13, 2014

Great flavor--sort of a cross between roasted and mashed potatoes. These are nice with a little stew spooned over them. Thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl February 02, 2011

I make potaoes like this fairly often & they are SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!! i use olive oil on the ones for my wife & butter on mine!!!

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Ackman January 27, 2011

These were fabulous! I used the little white new potatoes and they were creamy and sweet and ohhh sooo good. After washing them I patted them dry and then tossed them with some olive oil, pepper, sea salt, onion powder, and garlic powder and baked them at 400 on a stone baking sheet for about 45 minutes. When I took them out I rolled them over and then squashed them and brushed on some more olive oil mixed with about 1 T of melted butter and sprinkled them with a touch of the seasonings then baked them for about another 20 minutes. I am already trying to figure out where I can squeeze them into this week's menu. (23)

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JPsBarbie January 25, 2011

I found a one lb. bag of what were called "Teeny Tiny Potatoes" at Trader Joe's and I wanted to do something cool with them. I found this recipe by looking at recipes containing the ingredient "Baby potatoes". I loved the easy prep of this recipe and they turned out delicious, but a little dry. I think my potatoes may have been a little too tiny for this, but I will make this again with real baby or new potatoes. (I used a McCormick Italian seasoning grinder for the herbs.)

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Karen=^..^= January 08, 2011

What's not to like, quick and easy to prepare and great taste. I think next time I'd like to use red potatoes but the white is what I had on hand. I used both the thyme and rosemary (forgot to crush the rosemary) and it was great. Used the microwave and it was fine.
Thanks so much for posting.

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Bonnie G #2 November 10, 2010
Crash Hot Potatoes