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One of our favorite holiday recipes. I change it a tiny bit to accommodate our leftovers...I leave out the milk/water and use 1 cup of leftover HOMEMADE whole cranberry sauce. It makes this recipe over-the-top delicious. My cranberry sauce is a simple recipe from the Joy of Cooking cookbook and it gives this meatloaf the perfect taste. My husband likes Thanksgiving and Christmas more because he knows the meatloaf will follow....hahahah! My two <4 year old boys also love it, which is amazing.

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hilaryandbrandon_hale November 28, 2010

very good, but will definitely saute the onions first next time; too undercooked for my taste.

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leogrrrlie October 05, 2009

This was delicious and a big hit with my partner. I omitted the cranberries (don't like fruit with meat), but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I'll be making this one again, thanks lily!

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Pamela Z January 08, 2009

I give this a 5 star restaurant quality meal. I always read reviews to get an idea of how to perfect the recipe. I will say, everyone suggested the same thing " sauté the veggies first". So I made sure I did others wise I followed it to a T. This was like thanksgiving all rolled into one bite! My family loved it- I paired with this creamy mashed potatoes with a mushroom gravy and also a side of fresh green beans cooked aldente sauted in garlic soy sauce honey and red pepper flakes. The meal was to die for I was so hungry for a bite I couldn't wait I took the picture after taking my first bite! I will deff be saving this one for the books! Thank you!!

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miz.decker April 12, 2015

Made this for dinner last night ALMOST exactly to the recipe...I used a 6oz package of stuffing mix which was more grams then the recipe amount & didn't have as many cranberries left as I thought so probably used less then 1/2 the recipe amount. Also had to cook it longer - about 70 mins (I USED to think my oven ran hot but this is the 2nd recipe in two days where I've had to cook longer then called for and I like my food NOT overcooked so maybe something's up w/ my oven). Very moist and great flavor but I'm only giving it four stars because, in mine & my hubby's opinion, it needed 'something'. Maybe we are just used to ketchup style toppings but it needs something like that. Or cranberry sauce. Or even a little gravy. If you're not a sauce person though, the flavor and moisture of this recipe is great!

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emmadye November 22, 2011

Very tasty and super easy to make. It tastes like "Thanksgiving Dinner" in a loaf!

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SkylerFox September 14, 2011

I have tryed this recipe it was great. it sure is a keeper . I am a weigh watchers I fiqured it out it was 9 points and worth every points. Like the other reviews Next time I will also sautee the onions and celery before entering it with the mixture

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jtdaigle April 04, 2011

Really liked this recipe. I used ground chicken breast and chicken flavor stuffing. I also sauteed the veggies. The only things I added were some herbs,pepper and a single serve cup of cranberry applesauce for more moisture. I've used plain applesauce before also. I formed it into a flatish brick shape on a foil lined Pam'd baking sheet. Once refrigerated it sliced like lunch meat and made great sandwiches.

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dmac085 May 07, 2010

The Ground Turkey Meatloaf is in the oven and I can hardly wait to try it. Smells so good - I love RecipeZaar because there is always room for adjustments and substitutions. I made the following changes strictly to accomodate of what I had on hand: 1. 19.2 oz of ground turkey (package size) instead of the 24 oz. 2. I used Southern Grove Dried Whole Cranberries - Natural Orange Flavor (what I had, smelled awesome when I opened the package). I nuked for 1 minute in ¼ cup water 3. Did a combination of green onions (3), 1 clove minced garlic, 1 med/small minced shallot, and enough minced white onion to total a heaping ½ cup, then added a heaping ½ cup minced celery. 4. A 170 g package of Stovetop Cranberry Stuffing (package size). I sautéed until tender the onion mixture, celery and the drained cranberries in ½ tablespoon of butter and 1 capful of extra virgin olive oil that was heated in a non stick pan. I added the reserved liquid from the cranberries to the bowl with the turkey, stuffing mix, sautéed veggies and (strictly for my taste) 1/8 cup finely fresh chopped Italian flat leaf parsley. I then divided the mixture - half to a pan for the oven at 350 and half into the freezer. It was fantastic, I served it with a steamed mixture of broccoli, a cut up navel orange, and 1/2 a white onion roughly chopped (next time I will lay a couple of thin orange slices of top of meatloaf while it is baking). Thank you lily 12 for such a flexible yummy recipe, I will certainly be adding it to the list of keepers. I have an apple, walnut, with wild rice stuffing mix that should be really great.

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Sandy in Dayton May 07, 2010

I thought this was great and very easy to make. I sauteed the onions and celery before adding to the mixture. Also added a handful of chopped green onions. Nice flavor.

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thepeppermintpatties April 22, 2010
Cranberry & Turkey Meatloaf