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WOW! Another winner. I substituted pumpkin seeds for the sesame, added 1/3 c more rice krispies, and used 1/3 c craisins, 1/3 c dates and 1/3 c raisins all chopped up... Thanks, it was a big hit with everyone and will be on the Thanksgiving menu this year.

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peaches037 September 21, 2009

YUM. What a nice change and easy too. I agree with Burgz, there are a lot of possibilities with this one. It was not until I put everything in the skillet did I realize I was using 1/2 cup to measure and it turned out fine. I did however add extra rice krispies. I think you could probably use about a cup with no problems. If you like coconut, put more in. The coconut flavor gets a little lost with all the nuts. Thanks for another good one Kittencal.

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ratherbebaking June 11, 2009

I love the versatility, rapidity, and health qualities of this recipe. I used chopped cashews instead of the walnuts and plain Cheerios instead of the Rice Krispies. I only had chunky peanut butter, so I added a little extra. It turned out great. There are so many possibilites for this: substituting any of the ingredients for any combination of seeds, dried fruit, nuts, (chocolate) chips, and cereal. You could also sub the peanut butter for almond, hazelnut, cashew butters, or even tahini. Cocoa and/or various spices could also be added... there's no way you can get tired with this recipe. Also, all the ingredients are things that can be kept in your pantry for a long time, so it could be whipped up any time. I toasted the seeds in a large wok, tossed aside in a bowl, then used the same pan to melt the peanut butter and marshmallows, and to combine everything. Result: I only had 1 pan, 1 bowl, and 1 measuring cup to wash afterwards. I also poured it in a silicone baking pan, so it was really easy to take out afterwards. A wonderful breakfast or snack bar. I think I'll be keeping one of these in my purse for emergency fuelling. Next time, I'm trying dried apricots & pineapple with puffed wheat cereal. Although very tempted, I resisted to pouring a thin layer of melted chocolate over top, but it'll probably be in my plans for the near future.

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Geniale Genie May 26, 2009
Cranberry Rice Krispies Bars