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Terrific recipe! I made this for my "son-in-law" for his birthday. His request was for a fruit tart and after an extensive search I chose this recipe because it seemed so different. It does take time (more than stated but I tend to work slowly) and is quite a few steps but the recipe is written well and is easy to follow. The only problem I had was for some reason the custard leaked out of the tart pan through the ring...I've never used it before so maybe it's faulty somehow. All it really meant was the pears showed more and I was fine with that. A couple of hints about the pears...make sure you plan ahead of time and your pears are definitely ripe, it makes all the difference in flavor. You also want to be careful what kind of pear you choose because the sizes differ so much. The only ripe ones I could find were smaller so it did change the look but not the taste. So everyone loved this (especially the crust) and I will definitely make it again when I am looking for an elegant dessert that tastes wonderful. Thanks!

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Glimmer January 23, 2011

Thanks so much for posting this, Evelyn! I found the recipe about 10 years ago in a magazine and had since lost it. I've made it 3 times to rave reviews. I do recommend greasing your pan, as did another reviewer. This tart is a bit of work, but for a special holiday dinner, totally worth it!

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MissyN November 10, 2007

Guests can't help but be impressed with the presentation. The extra effort definitely pays off. And it tastes good!

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MommyKat April 03, 2007

My goodness!!! The work is well worth the rewards and compliments. Everyone loved it. My dad had 2 pieces! And he said it was like "one of those fancy desserts you get in a fancy restaurant" and the best thing I have ever made. So I will make again!

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Sarah_Star November 21, 2006

This was not only absolutely gorgeous but delicious, too! I made it for Thanksgiving and everyone was so impressed. If you want to get a rep for being an amazing baker, try this recipe! As soon as I get my pictures back I'll post one, as this tart is so pretty. The only thing i had a problem with was that i should have greased my tart pan, as much of the delicious crust was glued to it. Also, i could only find a 9.5" pyrex pie dish, and it worked fine. Anyway i think my family is going to make me make another for Christmas. Those glazed cranberries that you decorate the tart with at the end are the perfect touch!

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TMandi December 02, 2005
Cranberry Pear Tart With Gingerbread Crust