Cranberry-Orange Relish II

Recipe by Robin Cowdrey

This relish is chunky and tartly suited to turkey, whether it's hot on the big day or cold in sandwiches. The recipe makes enough to enjoy with a really big bird.

Top Review by Maeven6

Great recipe and just what I wanted. I looked and lookedd, I don't like the jello stuff or marshmellows or whipped topping thing. Give me sweet tart any day!! Now I did change a few things, this is very versatile. I used my food processor for all the chopping and it went together in 10 minutes. First I added three chopped celery stalks and I ditched the marmalade. In it's place I used added 1/2 a can of orange juice concentrate, straight from the can to salad. You could use a small can but I only had the regular size. Ditched the lemon rind or juice also. I did use the cinamon and then added a large can of Mandrin oranges, drained. Sugar, nuts and cranberrys stayed the same those were just the right amounts. I increased the raisans to 1/2 cup. Oh, and I almost couldn't get the family to let it set. Sheesh it was great then and even better later.

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  1. In food processor or grinder, chop cranberries and apple.
  2. In bowl combine cranberry mixture with sugar, pecans, raisins, marmalade, lemon rind, juice and cinnamon (if using).
  3. Cover and refrigerate for at least 8 hours or, better still, up to 1 week.

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