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Not bad at all, though the molasses sort of changed the nature of this bread. But it tastes good, (even better on Day 2). If you prefer straight up cranberry & walnut, however, you might just lose the molasses & pumpkin spice, add a TBLS or two of water and call it a day. The rest of the recipe is pretty classic. (I don't like too much sugar, so 1/2 C white sugar and 1/4 C brown sugar works for me.)

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bowedbookshelf October 18, 2016

I loved the molasses in this recipe. Gave it a 'warm and comforting' feel.:) I did have an issue with the baking time however. After 65 minutes I removed it from the oven for fear of burning. The center was still unbaked, so we cut that part out and proceeded to enjoy the rest of it. I used one cup of frozen cranberries, as that was all I had on hand. (odd....I thought I had about 10 bags in the freezer) Chrissy, I'll certainly be making this again. I just have to make adjustments for the baking. Maybe a bread pan would work better for my oven. Honoured to make this as a "Thank You" for voting for Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia in the 2010 Kraft Hockeyville Competition

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Diana #2 April 18, 2010
Cranberry Orange Bread