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This flavor of this pie is similar to that of a tart cherry pie. The brown sugar soothes some of the tang of the cranberries. The nuts add a nice texture to the pie. I served this warm with a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream. Yum! I will definately be adding this to my holiday dessert list.

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Ms B. January 11, 2004

We love love this simple, yet fancy dessert using fresh cranberries. I have been following this recipe exactly as provided and get requests to share the recipe by many. I always stock up on fresh cranberries during the holidays so I can make this pie all year long.! Excellent !

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Javamama April 12, 2015

I grated an orange peel into the topping to add more flavor, not that it needs it. I've made this three times in the last month as people keep requesting it.

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lucilleunger December 25, 2007

This was a really good pie. I used a regular size pie crust and should have used a deep dish. I couldn't fit all the cranberries in but it turned out wonderfully. I took it to a Christmas potluck and it was the first item to disappear. Thanks for the recipe.

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Kady December 13, 2006

I really wanted to adore this pie. I love cranberries and couldn't wait to try it. However, I found it possibly needs something done differently in order to make the brown sugar mixture adhere to the cranberries. I found that the berries all floated to the top of the pie while the brown sugar and nut mixture sank to the bottom and formed a sweet sugar layer. Extremely tart top/extremely sweet bottom. I have most of the pie left over. I just cut a slice of it and cut it into pieces and mix it up and its good, so I think perhaps coating the berries in egg white or something before mixing with the sugar might make for a better blend of ingredients. My grandson, at 21 months, couldn't get enough of the pie. I will try it again with some changes because I think this could be excellent.

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ThinOne November 28, 2006
Cranberry Nut Pie