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Truly outstanding. Not only are these super yummy bur they are also very pretty and just perfect for the holidays. Don't let the layers scare you off they aren't difficult and go rather quickly. If you have never tried a Nanaimo Bar you must, they have pretty much become the Canadian National Cookie Bar and can be made is a hundred different flavores. This is a really great bar and would be a perfect introduction for a first timer and a most welcome addition to the collection of any Nanaimo addict.

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Annacia December 21, 2010

Made this recipe pretty much as given, though I did make it with orange juice rather than the Grand Marnier! Still we (and our guests) had a great treat, and since I usually have frozen cranberries all year long, I'm keeping the recipe around! Definitely a winner! [Made and reviewed in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike December 27, 2013
Cranberry Nanaimo Bars