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Very good recipe! A few comments tho, it took only about 4 cups of flour.... which is odd to me since I always normally end up having to add more flour to all bread recipes I try. I added a bit of sugar to the yeast and water mixture to help it proof a bit faster. Also I did not have a cutter so I just chopped off pieces of dough that were roughly the same size, then formed them into rounds. That way I did not waste any dough that was left as scraps. After I shaped them they did not rise that much at all after even around 1 1/2 hours, but once I cooked them they tasted fine and not too dense at all. Another thing I did since I did not have an electic skillet with a instant temp. showing as asked for when this recipe was posted in the forum I just used a huge heavy skillet heated to about med low/low on my stove top and they only took about 4 minutes on each side tops. I got about 15 english muffins out of this recipe. I threw some in the freezer and this morning just to see if they would taste decent after being frozen I toasted one of the frozen muffins and it tasted just as good as the fresh.

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anme November 28, 2007
Cranberry English Muffins