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Made these tonight to go along with a BBQ dinner. Very interesting flavor here (in a good way, lol). DH wanted his sweetened but I quite enjoyed mine as posted. I have pure organic unsweetened cranberry juice so it is tart but I found the sparkling apple juice lightened and sweetened it nicely, mind you, the bubbles died off quickly. It offset the richness of grilled cheese burgers beautifully and I'll enjoy finishing the apple juice this way. :D

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Annacia July 14, 2011

This has potential, but found it to be a bit too tart. I would reverse the amounts on the lime juice and coconut cream. The lime juice was the predominate flavor, and couldn't taste much coconut flavor. I have some sparkling apple-pomegranate juice that I think I will try this way and cut the lime amount.

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Outta Here July 25, 2011
Cranberry Cream Mocktail