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The photo shows a lack of sharp definition, is that because of the cherry jelly used in the 'filling'. I would prefer a neater looking pinwheel effect, especially for a cookie exchange or display on a cookie tray.

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mariannette December 04, 2011

These sounded like a great cookie to make at Christmas time, but I had a few problems. When taking the cookies off the baking sheet after cooking them, the filling stuck to the bottom of the baking pan. Many of the cookies broke because of this. I would recommend using either Pam or parchment paper to prevent this. The other suggestion I would make is to roll out the dough to a larger size. I rolled it out to a 6x8-inch rectangle, as stated, and the dough wasn't large enough to make a pinwheel effect -- it only went around the filling once. The taste was good, however, and the kids liked these.

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TasteTester November 30, 2008
Cranberry Cherry Pinwheel Christmas Cookies