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This is different but good quick bread. I like to keep a supply of quick breads in the freezer for quick breakfasts or snacks for my husband. This one did not disappoint us, except that I forgot to add the nuts! I did make a change to the method, however. My shortening and sugar was more like coarse crumbs until I began adding the eggs. As a result, I added the bananas and then the cranberry sauce prior to adding the dry ingredients. I think the secret to a tender quick bread is not to overwork the batter, and I felt trying to fold in the heavy cranberry sauce after the flour would over work it. I also think it dispersed the cranberries much more evenly this way. Regardless, this was a different and delicious bread, one that I will make again.

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Deborah1 July 25, 2002

This is a very yummy recipe. I have made it many times. I do follow what Deborah1 said and add the cranberry sauce with the wet ingredients.

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DaniFani October 24, 2009

This has become a such a hit recipe with cranberry and also frozen blueberry that I have been asked to make several loaves for our work bake sale to raise money for our troops. Thank you for posting.

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Tee Angel July 01, 2007
Cranberry-Banana Bread