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Wonderful tangy salad and a great new twist on our favorite waldorf salad. Love the craisins in the mix. We enjoyed this as part of our Christmas dinner. A 5-star winner with everyone. Thanks, from the Wilsons.

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Laylagirl December 31, 2002

Wow! This is quite refreshing! It is a nice variation on the typical Waldorf salad with the cranberries giving it a nice tang, and the grapes giving a hint of sweetness. I followed this recipe exactly, except I toasted my walnuts for 12 minutes at 350F before putting them in the salad (makes them crunchier). What a keeper! Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

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Sue Lau October 31, 2002

This is a winner. I enjoyed the dried cranberrys instead of raisins (I added a few extra). Also, the mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream makes a great dressing. Very easy to make.

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Jo Anne January 06, 2004

The mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise is genius, I gotta say! I used a fat free sour cream, so the calorie and fat content was so much healthier than just using just mayonnaise or mayonnaise and full fat sour cream. It worked wonderfully with the fruit and no one knew there was sour cream in this, let alone fat free sour cream! I really enjoyed the different flavours and textures in this salad too. I admit I didn't use cranberries since we just ran out, so I chopped up a bunch of dried dates and it worked like a charm. I'll have to try it again with some Craisins. I left out the celery too; just personal preference. Great recipe; thanks!

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yamakarasu February 10, 2009

My sister-in-law had a turkey in the freezer this summer and wanted to have an early "Thanksgiving" feast. I chose to make this salad because of the cranberries. It was delicious. I especially liked the mix of sweet and tart. Thanks for the recipe.

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Linda B October 04, 2005
Cranberry Apple Salad