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I'm sorry, but this recipe did not turn out for me. I followed it exactly and am not sure what happened... ? The chicken turned out dry as a bone, and the sauce was way too tart for our tastes. Perhaps a previous reviewer, Annacia's, alternative preparation suggestions would have yielded a better-tasting result. On the other hand, our 11-month-old DD enjoyed the cran-apple sauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

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MarthaStewartWanabe December 30, 2009

Oh my gosh, this is wonderful! I didn't use the crock pot though. I made a single piece of chicken that DH and I split. With 6 hrs in the crock pot (even on low) it would have been shoe leather. I made the sauce in the afternoon which took 15-20 mins tops and pan grilled the breast at dinner time which took about 10 mins. It came out golden, cooked but still moist, juicy and tender. We piled the sauce on our rice too (after the pic, lol). It tastes like a holiday dinner without all the fuss. I have to say that DH who is a sweet tooth to the max knocked my booties off when he said that he liked the tang and that it didn't need to be any sweeter (I used 1/2 a Tbsp of Splenda Brown). I know that the Golden Delicious apple that I used supplied all the sweetness needed. I have decided to but some more packs of fresh cranberries for the freezer before they vanish. We're going to use the sauce with pork loin soon. Thank you for the really delightful recipe.

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Annacia October 16, 2009
Cran Apple Chicken