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Good crackers that are much like saltines, but don't break as easily. To get them crispy and browned, I did cook them almost 20 minutes. Recipe makes about 10 dozen crackers 1/8 to 3/16 inches thick. I used an ungreased cookie sheet, and they did not stick. The second time I made these, I substituted 2 cups cornmeal and whole wheat flour for the plain flour, and added 3 tbs sugar. These turned out well, too! For a theme party, I will make them again and cut with different shaped cookie cutters. They are sturdy enough to use for thick spreads or for dipping. Thanks Love4, for sharing this recipe.

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BeachGirl April 04, 2003

Great recipe. I solved the salt sticking problem by dusting the dough with coarse salt and rolling it into the dough lightly before I cut it into crackers. Works great. Be careful they cook fast.
They taste great and it was a simple dough to make.

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winterwinder August 05, 2010

really yummy!! i doubt I'll buy store crackers again especially since this recipe is so easy to "play" with and adapt. Instead of sprinkling the salt on top I mixed some seasoned salt in with the flour and it came out great!!

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Sarabbismama March 10, 2010

I gave this 3 stars b/c although my DD liked these, they were not crispy and took forever for her to chew. I do like the idea of making my own crackers and knowing what goes in them! I added a little twist and pureed some veggies and added them to the dough (I used the milk as my liquid in the blender). A great way to add some more veggies in the diet! Also, next time I will put the salt directly in the batter, instead of sprinkling on top. And a trick I figured out (if you like the salt on top) is you can sprinkle the salt on the cookie sheet BEFORE you put the crackers on it. I found that the salt I sprinkled on there just fell off b/c the dough wasn't very sticky. Since salt doesn't melt and burn like sugar you don't have to try to remove the excess before baking. Thanks for the recipe :)

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meredith1179 January 27, 2008

Great basic cracker recipe. All of the other recipes I have used turn out a crackers that is incredibly hard.... you can hardly chew it. This one is perfect. I added 3 tablespoons of soda and spices. You can add any kind of spice such as garlic, onion powder, hot spice, dill, caraway seeds and etc. Oh and I also substituted 1 cup of the flour with masa flour. They are a great snacking cracker. Thanks!!

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Button Baker November 23, 2006

I added about 1c of flaxseed meal to this recipe, and used pink Himalayan salt, and, whoa, delisioso, I have to say!

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simeone.corbett September 24, 2016

They taste okay, but were not crisp like saltines. I remember making homemade crackers a few years back and there was no lard or shortening in that old recipe. Wish I could find it. I wound up making breakfast biscuits with the rest of the dough for the crackers. Turned out great. This recipe has the same ingredients as my biscuit recipe. I think this recipe would make nice "chicken in a biscuit" crackers because they are not crisp....more along the texture of cookies but not hard like a crisp cookie. I will let them sit over night and see how they are in the morning. I might try this recipe again sometime with no shortening in it. Thanks for the recipe! Great try!

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tristar February 06, 2015

I made these with 1 cup whole wheat flour and the rest white flour. I also used almond milk, and they turned out beautifully. The dough was easy to handle and they taste much like ritz crackers, probably because I used butter flavored shortening. Great recipe, thx for sharing!

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Bsowell7 March 29, 2013

Easy, fast and tasty! I used about half coconut oil and half butter for the shortening. I made two trays with just salt, one tray with lemon pepper and one with salt/granulated garlic. I think the garlic ones were the best, then the plain ones and then the lemon pepper, which would have better if I had used some salt with it. The crackers took about 12 minutes in my convection oven. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

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*****Sandy November 17, 2011

These are so cool! I followed the advice of some fellow reviewers and added some sugar and subbed a cup of cornmeal. I didn't have proper measuring instruments so had to estimate a lot, and we also added some spices. What we ended up with, though, was something that tasted like a cross between corn chips and Ritz crackers. I will be making this often! Thank you for sharing!

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tiffany k October 07, 2009
Crackers Just Like Saltines - Homemade